Privacy Policy

Wood worker wonderful is a UK based website and take your personal privacy very seriously and will not sell, distribute or disclose information about you unless approved by you or unless I’m required to do so by law. A transaction may be stopped if automated checks indicate that stolen or fraudulent payment information is entered at our checkout. When you place your order you’ll be asked to provide your name, address, email address and telephone number (optional) so that I can fulfil your order. You'll also be asked to provide a name and address for shipping/delivery.  The shipping/delivery name and address, and any specific message provided by you, will be used only for the item ordered for the purpose of fulfilling your order. 

When you place your order you will also be asked if you would like your name and email address to be added to my mailing list. This is not a pre-ticked box. If you opt to join the mailing list I will only use your details to tell you about our selected contemporary craft news, any special offers I run, the products on my site, carefully selected craft events, or any changes to my site.

If you have any specific questions about how I handle your data please email me on [email protected].


I hope that the craft information that I provide for you is both useful and interesting. Please be aware that details are liable to change and information is only provided as a guide and not as a recommendation or an endorsement. 

Thank you, Bill.