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Craft fairs are a marvellous place to meet and greet crafters and grafters, in my humble opinion. I started attending and setting up my craft table about 5 years ago and it became very apparent that a table was not an appropriate display arrangement for my particular creations. A unique flat packed display stand was designed and over the years developed. My criteria for the design was, it had to be cost effective, up-cycled, easily collapsible, good display capabilities and nice to look at. The rotary display stand shown is a 4 year development. Made entirely from pallets and a disused wardrobe, so achieving the first two objectives, with a total cost of £18, which consisted off, sky blue and white paint, hinges and screws. Further development in the past 2 years has seen the adding of the iPad frame, this is to play short movie clips I’ve made, to show how each of the creations were made in the workshop. It has given people attending a craft fair, something to talk about in relation to my crafting processes, or to give advice on ways I could achieve a more efficient result. Positive criticism is always welcome. Most importantly in this venture is one critical ingredient, the loving involvement off family, friends and pets.

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