About My Business

At Craft Fairs

Craft fairs are a marvelous place to meet and greet crafters and grafters. I started attending and setting up my craft table about five years ago. It became app... Learn more

In the workshop

I slept and dreamed that my craft was joyful, but when I woke up, I realized it was work, but lo and behold, it was a joyous endeavour. 
I specialize in one-of-a... Learn more

In the Gift Shop

At Wood Worked Wonderful, we are excited about the new venture in Antrim”s Castle Mall, where we will sell our handcrafts alongside local artists and artisans. ... Learn more

The rustic walking stick collection

The Gatehouse Gifting Co. have samples of their new product line from Wood worked wonderful, available soon, featuring women and men’s rustic walking sticks, ha... Learn more

The rustic wedding collection

The rustic wedding collection will be on sale in The Gatehouse Gifting Co. Castle Mall, Antrim. These creations were for a very special wedding. Cake stands, pl... Learn more

The rustic gifts collection

With a few fallen tree’s over the years being stored for seasoning, it was time to get this lovely wood back into everyday life. These makes are on sale in The ... Learn more

Pet stair guard

This is the latest Wood Worked Wonderful personalized project out of the workshop. To keep delivery costs to a minimum, most of my crafts can be collected from ... Learn more

Pet Lead Holders

These come in various styles, with walkies, breed types, or personalised with your pet's name lettering on top. Size 27cm x 27cm. Owners can replace photos, or ... Learn more

Pet Feeding /Water Double/Single Bowl Stands

Delivery only to locations around Antrim, Northern Ireland. Pet feeding/water bowl stands are made from a quality, upcycled hardwood, handmade and finished to a... Learn more

Adjustable Bailey chair

I had the pleasure of making this adjustable chair for this little lady so she can eat and drink without fear of choking, as she has a condition known as megaoe... Learn more

Pet Memorial Frame

When the dog you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. My treasurable memory frame has been created to keep the treasure alive. Made to measure... Learn more


I do take commissions. You can work with me to discuss your needs and design a bespoke piece just for you. A non-refundable deposit, payable at the beginning of... Learn more

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